Power of 6
The access to success is through two gates...

I. We do it for you.

Strategy & Tactics

$20-$30 million dollar new products were typical until I worked with Keith ... now we are creating $50-$100 million new products!

— Bryan Harpine, Director Global New Products Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

People & Systems

Mason is a strong leader who sets clear direction and priorities... His ability to execute on multiple initiatives by organizing teams of people and focusing their efforts consistently achieves meaningful results for the Company and its customers. He is articulate in communicating business strategies which lead to sustainable value creation.

—Ricardo Salas, Executive Vice President Liquidmetal Technologies

Leadership & Communication

Mike has taken the time to become a true renaissance man in business. His contacts are truly unparalleled.

— Bryan Harpine, Chairman/CEO of Radar Pictures

II. We train you to do it.

Strategy & Tactics

Mason Conner is one of the most brilliant, thorough, directed individuals I have ever worked with. In a very short time, he has helped us implement systems, strategies, disciplines and a new way of considering ideas that has literally transformed the way we think and do business. I can not say enough about how delighted we are with this relationship!

— Barney Hellenbrand, CEO HBW Financial Services

People & Systems

Robert is the quintessential example of a best-in-breed business person. Intelligent and personable, Robert exudes the qualities of success, and brings about the most enabling can-do attitude of anyone around him. I would work with Robert in any endeavor just to be a part of whatever he's applying his incredible skills to, as I have personally witnessed what that can bring about.

— Travis Savo,Director of Application Development ClearPath Networks

Leadership & Communication

...it was life changing. In the process we not only gained the valuable insight we needed but we also created unique growth platforms that enabled us to see and explore significantly incremental growth paths for our businesses.

— Energizer
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