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Falcon6 is internationally recognized as perhaps the most talented group of creative business consultants ever assembled. They are the brainchild of Michael Levy, famed Hollywood agent/producer, who identified their perfectly matched skills and brought them together to create one of the most powerful business consultancies in the global market. Now as one cohesive power, Falcon6 is notorious for growing businesses. Their clients are among the most important companies in the world.
MASON CONNER, Founder / Board of Directors / Chairman

Mason is a trusted adviser, mentor and coach to companies, boards and investors. As a seasoned business leader he has founded three companies and acquired and sold several companies over the last 35 years. As a public company CEO for 15 years, he appreciates the communication and management efforts needed for boards and companies to deliver shareholder value.
IN HIS OWN WORDS: A leader’s ability to consistently maintain clear focus on what matters most is critical to alignment, resilience, and sustaining competitive organizational productivity. Company and board communication skills, plus the capacity to assess situations expeditiously and guide journeys is paramount to delivering exceptional outcomes. We look forward to helping you, help your teams delight your stakeholders.

MICHAEL I. LEVY, Founder / Board of Directors

Five decades of guiding high priced entertainment talent, C Suite Executives and International Leaders to achieve their end goals. Michael is also an MBA adjunct professor at USC, and Chairman of an International Parent/Child training program.
IN HIS OWN WORDS: I am a listener who understands what is being and what is not being said. This is my access to strong, effective and creative planning that ensures success. I read and understand people thereby creating trust and accomplishing tough goals. Being a key Falcon6 team member in consort with my highly successful professional partners is nothing short of exciting. Together we develop seamless solutions and build powerful futures for our clients.

ROBERT HEGGIE, Founder / Board of Directors

HK Retail Concepts - an internationally recognized leader in non-traditional retail. 30 years of business, marketing and branding expertise in all channels of distribution: bricks & mortar, E-commerce, DR, carts/kiosks, road shows, catalogue, and multi-level. Consultant to start ups and Fortune 500 retail and wholesale companies in many categories, negotiating agreements, developing business plans, mergers and acquisitions. Internal company restructuring and “process” + guest lecturer + champion bagpiper.
IN HIS OWN WORDS: For 30 years I have had the joy to help create a symphony with each client. Strength on strength….the sum of the parts is greater. I am excited to be a part of Falcon6 and look forward to creating even better symphonies together.

KYLE HERMANS, Founder / Board of Directors

Kyle is known as one of the world’s leading facilitators to solve complex challenges and create change. He has facilitated and trained senior leaders and high net worth individuals in more than 80 Fortune 500 brands globally. With a BA in Arts & Marketing, a master practitioner of NLP & TRIZ, Keynote Speaker and featured writer, Kyle is passionate about what is coming next and guiding individuals and organizations to achieve breakthroughs.
IN HIS OWN WORDS: I facilitate people, creating change, and how the two interact. Falcon6 is a diverse group of power minds and creative thinking, a formula that is an incredible asset to every client. We are excited to help you solve your greatest challenges.

KEITH CHAMBERS, Founder / Board of Directors

Keith brings over 30 years of experience as a Branding, Marketing and Product Development expert working exclusively for Fortune 100 companies. He is also a highly recruited public speaker and author of the critically acclaimed book PULL: Marketing Secrets the Fortune 100 Use.
IN HIS OWN WORDS: In order to stay ahead of my competition as a creative marketing consultant to many of the world’s most famous brands, I have reinvented the traditional marketing process. For this reason, my marketing solutions have all scored above our clients’ goals in volumetric research for over nine consecutive years. I share this extraordinary process and the new marketing insights it has produced with my partners at Falcon6. Together, we’ve “cracked the code” on growing businesses and are excited at the prospect of sharing it with you.

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